Sweet little Switzerland. 2017 - 1987

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Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Chiasso. Town center. A young man passes by an AGIP petrol station while driving his moped on the main road. He wears a helmet for safety reasons. A human dummy's face stands in front of a hairdressing salon, called Figaro. A giant advertisement with a glass of red wine is painted on a building's wall. Agip (Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli—General Italian Oil Company) is an Italian former automotive gasoline, diesel, LPG, lubricants, fuel oil, and bitumen retailer established in 1926. It has been a subsidiary of the multinational petroleum company Eni. In 2003, Eni acquired Agip Petroli S.p.A., creating the Refining and Marketing Division (R&M). © 1998 Didier Ruef