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Switzerland. Canton Fribourg. Morat ( Murten in german). The historical shooting of Morat is a living tradition which has taken place every year since 1930, in the form of a day of shooting in memory of the Battle of Murten in 1476, at the place known as Bois-Domingue, an eminence near Murten, where Charles le Téméraire's camp had been set up, at the centre of its military apparatus. A man, a participant belonging to shooting companies, points his firearm on the line of fire. The weapon is SIG SG 510 also called Fass 57. The SIG SG 510 or Sturmgewehr 57 is a selective fire battle rifle manufactured by Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (now SAN Swiss Arms) of Switzerland. The SIG SG 510-1 entered service in the Swiss Army with the designation Fass 57 (French/Italian, for Fusil d'Assault 57/Fucile d' Assalto 57) or Stgw 57 (German for Sturm Gewehr 57).The Sturmgewehr 57/SIG SG 510-1 was adopted for Swiss military service in 1957 and was, in 1990, replaced by the lighter SIG SG 550, although some reservists used it for several years longer. An assault rifle is a selective-fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. Helvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation.The allegory is typically pictured in a flowing gown, with a spear and a shield emblazoned with the Swiss flag, and commonly with braided hair, commonly with a wreath as a symbol of confederation. The flag of Switzerland consists of a red flag with a white cross (a bold, equilateral cross) in the centre. It is one of only two square sovereign-state flags. 24.06.2018 © 2018 Didier Ruef