Swiss love guns. 2018 - 2016

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Switzerland. Canton Bern. Thun. A young boy plays with a SIG Sauer Pro series pistol at the swiss army stall during the military event "Thun meets Army & Air Force". The SIG Pro is a series of semi-automatic pistols developed and manufactured jointly by Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG) and J. P. Sauer & Sohn. It was the first polymer-frame handgun from either company and one of the first pistols to feature a built-in universal accessory rail and interchangeable grips. The SIG Pro is a short recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistol. It uses a traditional Browning cam-operated locking system. The barrel locks into the slide via enlarged ejection port. 21.10.2016 © 2016 Didier Ruef