Switzerland 2020-2019. MOPS_DanceSyndrome

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Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Locarno. Simone Lunardi works every Friday morning at Paolino Bar on Piazza Grande. He is seated in the kitchen basement and eats for lunch a plate of Gnocchi pasta with meat and tomato sauce. Electrical switchboard. Simone Lunardi is a dancing member of MOPS_DanceSyndrome which is an independent Swiss artistic, cultural and social organisation operating in the field of contemporary dance and disability. It is composed only of Down dancers. Down syndrome (DS or DNS), also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21 It is usually associated with physical growth delays, mild to moderate intellectual disability, and characteristic facial features. 31.01.2020 © 2020 Didier Ruef