Switzerland 2020 Lugano. Living with Coronavirus

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Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Lugano. Town center. Pedestrian zone. " Mion Frutta and Verdura SA" is a fine deluxe grocery store. After shop's closure, the workers are cleaning the road. A man holds a broom while another is moving the garbage can. The men all have mask, but no one is wearing them on faces. Due to the spread of the Coronavirus (also called Covid-19), the Federal Council has categorised the situation in the country as “extraordinary”. It has issued a recommendation to all citizens to stay at home, especially the sick and the elderly.  From March 16 the government ramped up its response to the widening pandemic, ordering the closure of bars, restaurants, sports facilities and cultural spaces. Only businesses providing essential goods to the population – such as grocery stores, bakeries and pharmacies – are to remain open. 18.04.2020 © 2020 Didier Ruef