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Rwanda. Southern province. District of Muhanga. Central jail of Gitarama. Minors block. Minors in detention. Scouting activity on sunday morning. Théophile Ngenbahmana, Emmanuel Gatete (right to left) and other boys are all scouts, wear a purple scarf around the neck and pay respect to the scout flag. The rwandese scouts are part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. The flag, actually royal purple with the white fleur-de-lis, or lily of the flower, and rope, is the flag for the World Organization of Scouting Movements (WOSM). The flag is part of the Scout emblem of every other nations' Scouting organizations. The two stars on the flag allude to truth and knowledge, also remind of the stars in the sky and the outdoor element of Scouting. The rope encircles the fleur-de-lis and a reminder of the true brotherhood of all WOSM members. The rope is tied at the bottom in the reef knot (the square knot), which is the most useful of all rope knots if tied properly and reminds all of the obligations to be of service to one another as well as to be useful. The flag represents all member organizations of the WOSM . The Scouting Movement is basically an educational project for children and young men that empowers the meaning of responsibility, freedom, social conscience, and the social service, following the method funded by Baden Powell in 1907. Bricks wall. Detention pending trial and after trial, when sentenced to prison. The non-governmental organization (NGO) Fondation DiDé - Dignité en détention runs the Encademi (Encadrement des mineurs) program. Prison centrale de Gitarama. Quartier des mineurs.  © 2007 Didier Ruef