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003-2018-07-17-Switzerland-Ticino-Mezzovico-Tecnopinz-SA- Portrait-Claudio-Sergio-Tettamanti-Nicola-Roberto-Tettamanti-Bothers- Factory-Collets-2018.JPG
Switzerland. Canton Ticino. Mezzovico. Tecnopinz SA. The brothers Claudio Sergio Tettamanti (left) and Nicola Roberto Tettamanti (right) are portrayed in their workplace, which is their family owned company Tecnopinz SA. Claudio Sergio Tettamanti is Head of Development and Nicola Roberto Tettamanti is Head of Sales. Both hold in front of their eyes ETS collets and nuts (ETS Spannzungen und Spannmuttern) produced by Tecnopinz SA. 17.07.2018  © 2018 Didier Ruef