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Switzerland. Canton Valais. The Rhône Glacier (German: Rhonegletscher, French: le glacier du Rhône) is a glacier in the Swiss Alps and the source of the river Rhône. The Glacier is located three kilometers below the ridge of the Furka Pass. Tourists couples walk near insulating foams wrapping up the Rhone Glacier to prevent it shrinking under the summer sun. The surface is covered with white blankets to slow the melting of the rapidly retreating ice. The dusty, white fleece covers stretch out over a huge area near the glacier's edge. Hiding underneath the blankets is a Swiss tourist attraction: a long and winding ice grotto that has been carved into the ice here each year since 1870. The Rhone Glacier has lost some of its spectacular size due to climate change. 24.07.2016  © 2016 Didier Ruef