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Switzerland. Geneva. Policemen from police band play music and walk on the day in which young policemen and policewomen from the police academy will be sworn in as police officers. They wear uniforms, white gloves, tricorns on the heads. They play the trumpets and the sousaphone. The trumpet is the musical instrument with the highest register in the brass family. The sousaphone is a type of tuba that is widely employed in marching bands. Designed so that it fits around the body of the musician and is supported by the left shoulder, the sousaphone may be readily played while being carried. The tricorne or tricorn is a style of hat that was popular during the 18th century, falling out of style by 1800. The tricorne was worn as part of military uniforms. The flag of Geneva is divided vertically into two equal parts, yellow (hoist) and red (fly). In the hoist, a black double-eagle with a red crown, beak, tongue, legs and claws, cut in half by the palar line. In the fly, a yellow upright key with its ward toward the fly. The eagle symbolises loftiness, justice and protection. The key symbolises ecclesiastical rule, treasuries, and responsibility. The arms of Geneva are actually two shields impaled: half the eagle of the Holy Roman Empire, and one of the two keys of St. Peter (the "keys of heaven". 29.08.12 © 2012 Didier Ruef...