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USA. New York state. Woodbourne. The International Center for a Culture of Compassion (ICCC). The ICCC belongs to the Mouvements catholique Point-Coeurs. Father Alexandre Morard is a swiss citizen and a catholic priest of the Sacerdotal Molokai Fraternity (Fraternité Sacerdotale Molokaï). He has chosen in his room three beloved objets which remind him of his native country. A bottle of Williamine. A candle with a swiss flag. A box of Ricola herbal sweets. Williamine is a brand of Poire Williams, an eau de vie produced with Williams pears, in Martigny, Canton of Valais, Switzerland. The trademark Williamine belongs to the Distillerie Louis Morand & Cie SA. Ricola Ltd./Ricola AG is a manufacturer of cough drops and breath mints in Switzerland. All their products include natural herbal ingredients, exclusively cultivated on Swiss soil without any use of pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. 4.02.16 © 2016 Didier Ruef